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Networking computers in an office

Posted on February 24, 2015 at 12:03 pm

If you have an office or other business premises where several people work from, you should consider networking all of your PC’s together within a work network group. Often colleagues will quickly need to share or access information on another PC and with a networking group, you can do this from the comfort of your own desk. This sharing of information can not only save a huge amount of time but can also vastly improve the safety of documents in certain ways. If a document is saved on a PC or laptops hard drive and has not been backed up then you are at risk of losing it should that hard drive fail. The beauty of storing files on another server that is then networked is that many computers can access that document and save local copies on to their machine, so should something happen to the original one, other copies exist.
Having a network for documents also means that all members of staff can save to the same folders on the server, allowing them access to them should someone not have their laptop in the office.

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Internet management software for your business

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 11:02 pm

With most computers now being fully linked up to the internet for business use throughout the day it can be difficult to ensure that staff are not misusing this business tool for personal use.
Procrastination in offices really can be an issue as a lot of people tend to drift during the day and come off-task, this usually results in people using the internet to go onto social media and viral video websites.

One solution would be to have a firewall that blocks access to these sites however if staff are permitted to use their computer for this purpose whilst on breaks then that would cause an issue. Instead a lot of companies are choosing to use internet monitoring software, this is a form of spyware that can track what websites your staff have accessed and how long they have remained on the sites.
This is usually only looked at if management believe a certain member of staff are spending too much time off task to be able to raise the issue with them.

If you’d rather have something in the middle ground then time limit internet could be a good option, this is where you have software that allows staff to go on the internet for a set amount of time through the day (normally 1 hour) then once this has been used up further access has to be granted by management.

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