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Creating corporate videos and the costs involved

Posted on August 23, 2019 at 10:36 am

More and more companies are now using videos as a way of advertising their products and services and often this is seen to show great results. Corporate videos can be a great way to advertise your business as it allows you to share a lot of information in a short time. Some people do not like to read through paragraphs of text but will be quite happy to listen to information given in a video.  When creating a video you firstly need to decide what it is going to be used for.  It may be that you want to introduce your staff and show off your showroom or you may use it to show how a particular product or service works. You have a number of options available to you when it comes to creating a video and these options often affect the overall cost.

If you have a phone with a decent camera then you can of course film a video yourself and upload it to YouTube free of charge, but if you want a high quality, professional video, then you should hire a videographer. They can use a range of techniques such as special effects, editing, fading and music layered over the top.

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What types of content is most popular on the social media sites?

Posted on July 19, 2019 at 1:13 pm

Social media is being used more and more by businesses as a marketing tool.

A lot of businesses struggle to know what content to put on the social media sites to get the most out of it and to engage their followers. We have summarised some of the most popular social media sites and the types of content that is often used most on these sites.

Facebook – Quick updates, funny stories or images always go down well on Facebook. Also, sports and entertainment posts seem to do great on Facebook, so if you are within these industries then you may want to start here.

LinkedIn – On LinkedIn, content regarding luxury goods, jewellery and airlines received the most interactions across LinkedIn as well as posts reading job postings or vacancies.

Instagram – and for those of you within the arts industry then Instagram is the place to post your content. This image based social media platform is the ideal way to show off your creations and stir up conversation.

Twitter – Twitter is great for quick snippets of information and to direct people to full articles. If you often have news to share then Twitter may be the perfect place for you to do that.

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Slow starting computer?

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 9:58 pm

Computers are used by a huge percentage of us every day. It may be that you use one for your job or that you use it in your own time for going on social media sites, editing photos, creating budgets or writing letters.

If you are using a computer in your working day then time is often money. If the computer is slow to start up and running slow when opening new applications or switching between them then you need to find out what the issue is and resolve it to allow you to work faster.

There are many reasons why your computer may be running slow and there are often simple checks you can do yourself before taking it to a specialist who will charge you to carry out these checks and changes.

Firstly you should ensure that your computer is free from viruses. Ensuring you have a good quality anti virus is essential. Make sure that you only have one running at a time as more than one, and you may find they conflict with each other and slow the computer down even more. Make sure that it is set to run a scan on all your hard drives as well as any portable devices. Viruses are one of the biggest causes of a machine running slow. 

Secondly check how much RAM memory your computer has. If the computer has little RAM then it will use the hard disk of the computer to run applications slowing it down. By increasing the memory in your computer, you can help improve speeds overall. 

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Getting to grips with new IT systems

Posted on May 20, 2019 at 12:50 pm

As with all technology, over time it becomes out dated. You need to ensure that you replace and upgrade equipment as needed to ensure that your business is utilising IT equipment and software to its best advantage.

If your business has recently started using new IT equipment or systems then it may take you a bit of time to adjust to using it. You should be offered training on it initially but this may be very basic or you may be trained by someone’s who isn’t all that familiar with it themselves.

It is important to understand how the system works to make sure you are using it correctly. It will also allow you to find out all the features that are available, many of which may make processes easier and quicker, cutting down on the time you spend doing certain tasks.

Sometimes you can find good user guides online or better still videos of people talking through how you use something and what exactly it can do.

If you have recently purchased IT equipment, the place you purchased it from may offer training courses although this may not be included in the price. If not, they will probably be able to recommend companies that do offer this service.

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Choosing the right laptop

Posted on April 8, 2019 at 12:26 pm

When it comes to choosing a laptop you are inundated with options. Prices range from a couple of hundred pounds up into the few thousand pounds and many fall somewhere in between.
Certain laptops are better for certain tasks, so if for example, you play a lot of games on your laptop then you will want to opt for one that has a great graphics card and lots of memory.
If you use your laptop for work then it is important that it is fast and reliable. You should always do plenty of research and read reviews on a number of sites to get a true idea of how good a laptop is. Some of the main retailers such as Pc World, allow you to compare a number of laptops so you can see what you get for your money. As with many things, often if you spend a little bit more you can get a much better spec but you need to know where to draw the line.
SSD memory has been around for a number of years now but is being used in more and more laptops. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and not only does it make the laptop faster, but it can also mean it is more reliable as there are less moving parts. Laptops that have SSD memory fitted can be quite expensive compared to non-SSD models and you may find that you have to drop in hard drive size to make up for the additional prices.

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Is your website clustered?

Posted on March 28, 2019 at 1:24 pm

A website can be a powerful selling tool. You want to give your customers lots of information and showcase your products of services. But you need to do it in a tasteful way and be sure that you don’t actually end up putting people off by having too much on there.

Research shows that a website that has too many adverts or too many moving parts or simply just too much information can be overwhelming and off-putting. Often many of the people that actually land on these types of sites will leave without even trying to look for what they came on to the site for. If there is constantly moving banners, with little time for them to actually read them or annoying pop-ups that keep coming up, you need to rethink your site and quickly.

A website should be easy to navigate round with information that is easily accessible when needed. It can help to have a simple search function for people to use who know exactly what they want to find.

Simple changes such as shrinking the description of products and adding a click to expand option can keep the pages consistent and tidy whilst still allowing your visitors to access the information if they wish to.

Your home page is often the first page that a visitor lands on, so take plenty of time to ensure that it is right.

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What exactly is web marketing?

Posted on February 12, 2019 at 1:25 pm

As a business owner you should have a firm grasp on what marketing is and the different forms of it that you may want to us to help boost your business. Marketing is often split down in to online and offline. Traditionally offline marketing often took precedence but with more and more people using the internet to find products and services they want, businesses are having to get on board with online marketing. Web marketing is the marketing you carry on online and is linked to your website. Some companies that do not have a website still do online marketing by advertising via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter by advertising on directory sites. This can work well, but is often more effective when backed up by having their own website.
Marketing companies will often have their own views on which elements are most important in terms of increasing their client’s visibility on the search engines and this may vary from client to client even though the overall goal is the same.
If you are going to be taking on your own marketing, it is worth investing in some training and setting aside some time to fully understand what you need to do and how to check your results.

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Working on your onsite SEO

Posted on January 11, 2019 at 12:20 pm

On site search engine optimisation is very important and can help boost your site on the search engine results pages. If you are struggling to get towards the top of the Goole, Bing or Yahoo search results for some of your main keywords then you may want to revisit your on page SEO.
The first things to check is that your meta data is all complete for each page and relevant. Although there are many discussions about how much weight these now carry, it is shown to help to some degree. Make sure that each page has a unique title, description and a selection of keywords. Often Google will use this information to display on the search results page. The meta data should be taken from the content within the page and the title and description should be written in such a way that will entice viewers to click on the link to your site.
You should also be adding regular and relevant content to your site as often as possible. This content needs to be unique so you cannot just copy and paste content from another website and expect to help with your rankings. Having a blog or news section is an easy way to add fresh new content.

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