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Having problems with login details?

Posted on April 27, 2017 at 11:42 am

Many of us have hundreds of usernames and passwords for different websites to allow us access to place orders, view order history, track orders or check our online statements. It is not advisable to have the same password for all sites as if your password becomes compromised then you may find that multiple accounts are accessed in quick succession.

If you are trying to log in to a website and find that it is stating your username or password is incorrect, then you need to try and reset it. Some websites will let you do this on screen by answering a few security questions, others will email you a secure link to reset the password.

Ideally you want to be able to keep a list of all passwords and users names buy again, this is not advised as if someone manages to access this list they will be able to get in to all of your accounts.

Why not keep a list of user names and possible clues to a password.  This way at least you can be sure that your user name is correct and have some hope of being able to guess the password.



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Is it worth buying an external hard drive?

Posted on March 31, 2017 at 7:22 pm

External hard drives are a storage device that you can plug into your laptop via USB they come in different sizes depending on the content that they are to be used for. Most people buy external hard drives to increase the memory capacity of their computers however they can also be used as a back-up device for smart phones, PCs and cameras. The best thing about this is that once backed up you can store the hard drive away from your other device in a safe place in case anything happens to damage the original documents/photos.

The only issue with this is that you run the risk of something happening to your hard drive and destroying your back up. To get around this you could also back up to a cloud type service to ensure that your information is secure.

External hard drives now are fairly inexpensive so can be a great device to have on hand particularly if you don’t like the security risk of using a cloud storage device, but as with any purchase it’s important to read reviews and shop around to get the best deal that you can to suit your storage needs.


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How can an IT consultant help your business?

Posted on February 28, 2017 at 8:30 pm

The job of an IT consultant is to go in to a business and evaluate their use of IT within the company. IT is a major part of many businesses and can help take them to the next level if used correctly. It is important to record and keep certain documents and files when in business and there are many IT programs that make this easy to do.

Once the consultant has evaluated your current processes and procedures they will usually come up with a plan as to how you can improve them or what software could assist with a particular task.

They often help improve the productivity of staff members by shorting down time it takes to complete certain tasks. This can also give staff a morel boost as often boring task can become automated freeing them up to do the part of the job they enjoy more.

If you have some IT systems in place but feel that they are dated or find that you cannot reply on them then speak to an IT consultant about upgrading your systems. They will also be able to advise you on back up procedures and restoration should it be needed.



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Getting used to a new operating system

Posted on January 31, 2017 at 10:37 pm

Many of us use a computer in our work and home life and most home PC’s run off Windows or Mac software. If you have a Windows PC you will probably have been prompted to upgrade to Windows 10 in the past 18 months.

Windows often release updates to their operating system and then once in a while they will release a whole new version of Windows. Windows 8 was a big change from Windows 7 and after a while many people got used to it. Windows 10 was offered as a free upgrade if done within the first 12 months and many people took advantage of this offer. Windows 10 followed the same theme as Windows 8 but many people said that some of the functions that were in 8 were removed in 10.

For some, this was frustrating as they had just got used to the new functions and then they were removed. Windows 10 also seems to have been released without being fully tested, so initially there were a lot of bugs found that required patches to be released by Windows to fix them.

Getting used to a new operating system can be tricky and it is always advisable to try and demo the new version first, or if this is not possible, watch a video to see what the advantages are to upgrading.

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IT skills can help you get a job

Posted on December 24, 2016 at 11:41 pm

Some people openly say that they do not like computers, don’t spend time on social media and really do not have an interest in IT but they may not realise that this may affect their chances of getting a job. Many companies use IT hugely within their business. It may be for simply diary logs, emails and Word processing or it may be that they have specialist software that needs to be accessed and edited. If a person has no or very little IT skills then many employers will see this as a disadvantage and would rather hire someone that has at least a basic knowledge.

Often in a new job the candidate will need to undergo some sort of training but if they also require additional training on how to send an email or create a spreadsheet, then this can be time consuming and costly.

If you are currently looking or considering looking for a new job then it may be the right time to brush up on your IT skills either by attending a course or by reading books that are written for beginners.


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Baffled by IT jargon? Help is out there

Posted on November 30, 2016 at 8:55 am

Are you confused about your bytes and RAMs, your memory and pixels, soundcards and USBs? Well help is out there! Not all of us are as IT savvy as we’d like to be and can be left a bit baffled by so called computer-speak, if that is the case for you then an IT online course may be the perfect thing.

There are many IT courses available that can help with things like improving your ability on using specific programs or just general beginners course that can help starting right from the basics of setting up your computer and carrying out daily tasks such as checking for emails and browsing the internet.

It’s worth looking around online and comparing prices of the courses as they can vary quite a lot depending on course content and how advanced the course is.

Some large technology stores are also offering help and advice with things in store if it’s just a simple thing that you need to know and this is often provided free of charge.

Another option is to use a search engine to ask questions about terminology you are unsure of for example ‘what is RAM’.

The key point is that to learn more about IT you just need to ask and maybe do a bit of study too!


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Using IT in schools

Posted on October 26, 2016 at 10:09 pm

When working in a school environment, it is essential that the IT system used is as reliable as possible. The consequences of a breakdown whilst you are delivering a lesson is disruption and frustration. Although sometimes a breakdown is unavoidable, there are several steps that can be taken to minimise the unwanted disruption. Firstly, always have a back-up plan in case of a complete failure i.e. a power cut. Paper copies of work sheets or prompts mean that you could still give out work for the pupils to complete. Secondly, try out PowerPoints and other resources beforehand to check they work. Another point to consider is to make sure you have saved multiple copies of any files you want to share with your pupils as memory sticks have been known to become corrupted and therefore unable to be accessed. Although IT adds another dimension to teaching and learning, it is always wise to consider these points when planning to use it.

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IT back up

Posted on September 28, 2016 at 9:21 pm

Backing up your files and documents is vital when using any sort of technology. All technology is prone to problems and you may find that you lose everything in an instance if your device develops a fault or even by human error.

When backing up a device, make sure that the device you are backing up to is firstly large enough to accommodate the files and documents and that it is reliable. You may even wish to back everything up to two different devices, so should the one fail you have it on another device too.

Portable hard drives are easy to use and provide fast, efficient storage solutions. They are easy to carry around so you can even back up when on the move. 1TB portable storage droves start from £65 upwards.

If backing up to the cloud, ensure that the data you are saving is not confidential, and that if it is, that it is secure.

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Replacing a laptop screen

Posted on August 18, 2016 at 2:22 pm

Laptops can be vital to our day to day working life and also are often used on a daily basis at home. Many people now have laptops instead of PC’s which allows them to save space and also take it with them where ever they go.

Although laptops can be very handy they are often not the most resilient of technology and can quite easily be damaged.

Screens on laptops are often one of the components that gets damaged due to the laptop being dropped or stood on. This can make the laptop unusable especially if it has cracked or shattered through the middle of the screen.

If you take your laptop to a professional computer repairs specialist then you can expect to pay upwards of £60 for a new screen but did you know often it is quite easy to repair it yourself.

You can buy a new screen off Ebay or Amazon often for as little as £15 – £25 and just by watching a quick tutorial on YouTube, can have the screen replaced within minutes.



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Choosing the best anti virus

Posted on July 12, 2016 at 11:37 am

There are lots of different options available to you when it comes to choosing the best anti-virus for your PC or Laptop. Some computers come with a free anti-virus for the first year. Often this is Norton, but after the first year you will either need to renew or you will need to buy a different anti virus. There are some free anti virus software available that is really good, such as Avast but this will only offer basic protection. If you are after something that is a little more comprehensive then you should upgrade to the full version. AVG also offer a good paid for anti virus program that is easy to install and update.

When choosing anti virus software of course you do need to consider the price but mostly the protection it offers you. Some will scan emails, any external devices or drivers that are plugged in as well as scanning web pages and downloads.


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