Going over your website before it goes live

Posted on September 30, 2020 at 1:19 pm

If you are having a new website built or having major changes made to your existing on then it is vitally important that you spend some time checking the site before it goes live to the wider public. If you set a website live and there are issues such as links not working or images no displaying etc this can have a negative impact on your business as it does not give off a great first impression. You will often find that people that visit a website that is not working correctly will leave and not return. You are better to delay the site for a few days whilst you fix the issues before setting it live, especially if you already have a fully functioning website that receives a lot of traffic.

Every so often you should check your website for errors even if the site has been running for years with no issues as things often come up with new browser updates and changes to the content management software you are using which may break the layout etc.

You can check the site manually by clicking links, filling in contact forms etc but you may also want to use a number of the many online tools out there that will check your site looking for broken links, errors in the code and browser compatibility  issues.

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