How to choose your web developer and designer

Posted on July 28, 2017 at 11:23 am

When it comes to having a new website designed and programmed you will want to find a company or individuals who are capable of handling your project and who have a proven track record of creating websites that are successful.  Web designers vary in price, some charge £30 per hour whilst an agency may charge upwards of £60 per hour and approximately the same for a programmer.

If you decide to outsource your website project to an over seas company then you may be able to make a huge saving but you may also have to consider other points that could delay your project or make it more stressful. You may then have the difficulty with working with someone that lives in a different time zone or may not speak very good English, making it harder to portray exactly what you want and get answers to your questions quickly.

Always have a brief that you can talk through with your designer and programmer and be open to listen to their advice as they are the professionals and often will be able to advise you of better ways of doing things.

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