Logo design for your business

Posted on May 29, 2015 at 7:16 pm

A logo is of great importance to any company as it is often the first thing someone will see and will give them an impression of your business. Think about some of the major brands, their logo is so easily recognised now that often they do not need to put their company name on advertising boards, just the logo is enough.

In order to create a great logo, you need to find a good graphic designer. Lots of people will say they can create logos, but creating a logo that represents your business in the right way and conveys a message is much harder.

Before employing any graphic designer, be sure to ask to see examples of previous works they have done so you can get a look and feel for the kind of work they have produced based on a brief.

Logos can range in price from as little as £30 to upwards of £300 so make sure you check in advance what you will be expected to pay and how many versions they will offer you to chose from.

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