What are the stages when having a new website built?

Posted on September 17, 2021 at 1:23 pm

When having a new website built there are often many stages that it needs to go through in order for it to get to the point when it is ready to go live. Although all designers and programmers / web agencies may work a little different, they often all have the same basic approach. They will usually start by taking a brief from the client. This will tell them what the need the site to do and what sort of content / functionality is required. Once they have this the project will be quoted for. It may be that the client is given a fixed price or it could be that they are given an estimate which will be finalised after designs have been agreed.

The next stage is usually the design process. Again, different web designers and agencies will vary how they di this. Some may visualise every page of the website site others may only do one or two. Some may not even create visuals but will instead show the client ideas of how they believe the site should look and function. Once the visuals are agreed the site can usually go into the production stage. This stage usually takes the longest but once complete and testing has been done it can then go live.

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