Backing up your work and your computer

Posted on September 25, 2017 at 8:11 pm

Many of us reply heavily on our computers but despite this, not enough of us back up our work as often as we should. If you use your computer for business then it is vital that you keep at least two copies of your work. The error that many people make is to back up their work on to an external hard drive or memory stick for example but then delete the original. This is not a back up more a way of moving files. You need to have two copies as should one get deleted or corrupt, you still have another copy somewhere else. If you are bad at remembering to back up then you could buy a back up system that you can schedule to do it for you. Western Digital have systems such as My Book which allow you to run a backup as and when you want but also to schedule back ups to run daily, weekly or monthly. As soon as the time comes to back up it will run and if the drive is not plugged in, it will run the back up next time you connect it. You can also get systems that back up over Wifi meaning you no longer have to physically connect a device such as an external hard drive.


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