Do you need to hire an IT company to look after your business IT?

Posted on November 15, 2017 at 12:11 pm

If you own or run a business then you may wonder if you need to hire an IT company to look after your computers, emails and servers etc. Depending on how lunch IT equipment you have in your office and how much you reply on them, will help you decide if you need to employ someone to cover your IT needs, outsource it to another company or manage it yourself.

If you only have one or two computers, do not use servers and are quite confident with IT then you probably do not need to use a third party, but if you have multiple machines, need to be able to quickly share and access information between each other, ensure that a full back up is carried out and that any issues that arise will be sorted out promptly then you will most likely either want to employ someone or outsource it to an IT specialist company.

Most It companies will charge you either a fixed monthly fee which includes a certain amount of call outs etc. or they will just charge you for individual jobs and when they are needed.



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