Finding bugs on a website and how to fix them

Posted on August 24, 2017 at 11:41 pm

As a web developer, you will all too well know the frustration of bugs in your web development. Often bugs may just be a simple bit of code that has been mis typed or placed in the wrong area. Hours can be spent trying to find out the problem and sometimes to no avail.

When searching for bugs you may wish to take advantage of programs such as Firebug (part of Firefox browser) which allow you to pick apart code on the website to see how it works or how it can be fixed. It also allows you to make live changes (local only) to the code to see if you can fix it. Once you have found what the issue is you can then apply the correct code to the code on the live version of the site. This also allows you to play around with colours, fonts etc without having to do it live for any visitors to see.

If you really get stuck then you could try posting on one of the many forums out there. If you are using WordPress, then they have a great community of users ready to help if you get stuck with a website or plugin.



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