How can you fix issues with website indexing?

Posted on November 5, 2020 at 2:24 pm

Indexing is the process which the search engines, such as Google, carry out to list your web pages in the search engine results. Often Google will crawl a site and index all the pages which will then show up for the relevant search terms. There are a number of reasons why your page may not get indexed even if the home page pf your site is. If the page is really poor and lacks content then you may find that it is not indexed. If the page has duplicate content on then often only one of the pages will be indexed. Another reason for missing pages from the index is that you have requested that Google not index them for some reason. This may be intentional as certain pages you may not want to appear such as thank you pages or checkout pages. It may actually be an unintentional error that causes your pages to not be indexed such as an incorrect robot’s file or a setting in the admins system. Wordpress has an option that says tick this box to discourage Google from indexing the site. This may mean many of your URL’s are discounted from the search engine results. This can have a huge negative impact on your rankings. The issue is that even when you have fixed the issue, you are in the hands of the search engine as to when they come back and reindex the site again which can take weeks or even months.

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