How to make your IT department more productive

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 8:52 pm

For anyone who works in a large company you’ll know that you always hear things like “I’ve asked IT to set this up, it’ll only take 5 minutes and they still haven’t done it!” these frustrations are often voiced in an office without really realising that if all 500 staff have a 5 minute job that needs doing that is going to use up a lot of the IT resource.

For an IT department to work effectively then you need to have some sort of ticketing system where any jobs can be logged and prioritised as necessary. You also need to make your staff aware that they must use the ticketing system and try to explain the task that needs doing coherently to ensure that the IT department understand what’s required without having to go back and forward with queries.

A good ticketing system should be able to automatically sort tasks into a basic priority queue, depending on what category they fall in to, and should be able to distribute the work to a member of the IT team and if necessary set up reminder alerts if the job isn’t completed with in an agreed SLA time.

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