IT back up

Posted on September 28, 2016 at 9:21 pm

Backing up your files and documents is vital when using any sort of technology. All technology is prone to problems and you may find that you lose everything in an instance if your device develops a fault or even by human error.

When backing up a device, make sure that the device you are backing up to is firstly large enough to accommodate the files and documents and that it is reliable. You may even wish to back everything up to two different devices, so should the one fail you have it on another device too.

Portable hard drives are easy to use and provide fast, efficient storage solutions. They are easy to carry around so you can even back up when on the move. 1TB portable storage droves start from £65 upwards.

If backing up to the cloud, ensure that the data you are saving is not confidential, and that if it is, that it is secure.

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