IT skills can help you get a job

Posted on December 24, 2016 at 11:41 pm

Some people openly say that they do not like computers, don’t spend time on social media and really do not have an interest in IT but they may not realise that this may affect their chances of getting a job. Many companies use IT hugely within their business. It may be for simply diary logs, emails and Word processing or it may be that they have specialist software that needs to be accessed and edited. If a person has no or very little IT skills then many employers will see this as a disadvantage and would rather hire someone that has at least a basic knowledge.

Often in a new job the candidate will need to undergo some sort of training but if they also require additional training on how to send an email or create a spreadsheet, then this can be time consuming and costly.

If you are currently looking or considering looking for a new job then it may be the right time to brush up on your IT skills either by attending a course or by reading books that are written for beginners.


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