Saving battery on your laptop

Posted on October 30, 2018 at 5:02 pm

If you often need to work on the go, such as on a train or in a café then you will realise how important battery life is. It is not always possible to plug your laptop in and even if you ensure you have a full battery to start with you may find that it does not last you as long as you need it to. Over time batteries lose their charging capacity and so even when fully charged, will not last as long as it did when it was new.

In order to try and preserve your battery, you need to ensure you do a few things. One thing that uses a lot of battery is the light behind the screen. Setting the brightness a little bit lower can prolong the amount of screen time you have. Another way to get more out of your battery is to switch off the WiFi (if it’s not needed). Windows 10 has an option to set your power status to power saving. Search for the power options and enable power saving mode to get more time out of battery.

If your laptop has a disk drive then be sure to eject a disk if you are not using it. Having a disc spinning in the drive is a huge drain on resources, and many programs constantly do this. Doing this will give you a few more vital minutes.


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