Using on computer for all your IT needs

Posted on May 15, 2017 at 3:21 pm

Computers are used by many of us on a daily basis in work and in our personal live. Many of us now rely on computers and technology for day to day tasks such as making shopping lists, organising our calendars and appointments and even sending out birthday cards and connecting with friends via video chat for example.

The problem is that when we reply on only one machine for all of this, should something go wrong with that machine, as often happens with computers and technology, then we stand to lose everything. Some people don’t have a computer but use their phone or tablet in the same way, often using the calendar to set reminders, again if this is lost or damaged you may be at risk  of not knowing what you are supposed to be doing when and missing appointments.

Ideally you need to ensure that all your data, pictures, calendars, documents and contacts are backed up regularly so you can access them from elsewhere should you need to. Most cloud storage systems offer a service to allow you to do this and some of them offer a certain amount of space free.

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