Using your phone or tablet as a Wi-Fi hot spot

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 3:31 pm

There are often times when we use our phone for work or to type letters etc but sometimes it can be a lot harder to do than using a laptop or computer. You may be in a location where you have no Wi-Fi available to you but do have signal on your phone. Most phones and tablets now will allow you to turn your device in to a Wi-Fi hotspot meaning that you can then connect other devices to your on the internet. Doing this will enable you to connect your lap top or computer and essentially use the data allowance on your phone. When doing this you need to be aware of how much data allowance you have remaining and keep an eye on what you are using. Some network providers will put a block on your allowance meaning that once it is used up you cannot go over without agreeing to pay extra.

You should also set up alerts that will tell you once you are getting close to your limit so that you can stop using it and spread it out over the remaining days you have left until you get your new allowance.


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