Are updates essential to maintaining your website

Posted on July 19, 2014 at 9:03 pm

Once you have a website up and running you may be told later down the line that you need to update it. There can be many reasons that updates should be carried out one of them is for security. With hackers becoming more and more competent, a site that is a few years old may be at risk from an attack which could be detrimental to your business and also your customers. Site security is something that visitors to your website find very important and if you have had an issue in the past you may find that you will lose repeat business. Another reason to update your site is that search engines like fresh content and something that shows them that you are keen on advertising your business online and that the information you offer is relevant. This may be achieved simply by adding a few blog posts or testimonials every few weeks but really you should speak to your web marketing company who can advise you what they think you will need to do to the website in order to stay proactive.

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