Gaining positive reviews for your company or website

Posted on October 13, 2014 at 12:05 pm

When choosing a company to use for a project or purchase, many people reply up on reviews. There are thousands or independent review site out there that allow users to comment and often leave a star rating for a company that they have had an experience with.

You can of course add reviews and testimonials to your own site, but people are aware that often these are biased and will only show them the positive comments that have been left.

Social Media websites are also a type of review site for many businesses as customers can post their feedback on your wall (if allowed). Even if you do not have a presence on these sites, people can start their own groups up to discuss your company or even just mention you in their own posts.

One tip I have is always try to respond to reviews, especially the negative ones. If a customer leaves a review that is unfair try and state the reason for the situation and how it was rectified or why it could not be. Also make sure that you invite a user who has left bad feedback to contact you directly to discuss the problem in greater detail and allow you to come up with a solution. This shows other potential customers, that like any business, you have problems and issues arise but that you deal with them promptly and professionally.


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