How to ensure your social media is giving out a positive message

Posted on October 21, 2019 at 7:49 am

Social media is a hugely popular marketing tool for many businesses and it can very quickly help you establish your brand and start interacting with your customers.

Although social media has many advantages, if used in correctly it can end up having a negative impact on your business, so it is important you understand what you are doing.

You may find that people have started to leave reviews on your social media accounts or that they have mentioned your company in one of their posts. If this happens you should ensure you acknowledge any activity on social media good or bad. If they have put a positive comment on about your company then a quick post thanking them for their feedback and stating that you are pleased they have had a positive experience can go a long way, but if they have put something negative on there then it is important to think carefully before responding. Refrain from nasty or negative comments in reply to a post on social media, it is never a good idea and not only will you upset that person you may find that you get a lot of bad press from the other people reading or commenting on the post too. If you do find a negative comment, reply saying that you are disappointed to learn about their experience and would like to contact them directly to discuss.

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