Fancy Bear: A New Cold War?

Posted on August 30, 2018 at 9:55 am

If you’ve not already heard of Fancy Bear, you’re clearly not following the latest cyber-security news as closely as you should be. In the new information age, communication & transmission of information is of course easier and quicker than ever before, but in turn, so is espionage; or at least, for those with the relevant skills or facility to develop or pay for them.

The media has certainly been full of stories about supposed Russian intervention in not only the US elections, but also in the British General Election, the EU Referendum, and a number of other votes held across the EU and Europe.

Fancy Bear is part of this; alleged to be at the heart of the hacking of Democrat emails to the benefit of the Trump campaign, it is a cyber-espionage group widely believed to be connected to GRU, the sister agency to the former KGB (now FSB). GRU is much less well-known than it’s sister agencies, which concentrate primarily on internal security and have come to prominence through their integral role in spy dramas like Bond, but it’s purpose is perhaps more concerning to us. It aims to ensure external security; that is, influencing political conditions outside the Russian state to benefit Russian interests.

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