Google+ removes interstitial ads

Posted on July 31, 2015 at 9:42 am

Google have announced that they are going to remove the interstitial ads that were shown to mobile users when visiting the Google+ pages through their mobile web browser. Goole initially created a page that popped up on your web browser (on mobile devices) that asked you if you wanted to install the Google+ app. This page would then take you through to the relevant app store to allow you to download the app.

Following some extensive research Google found that only 9% of people actually would click to download the app whilst a staggering 69% of visitors left the site completely. Following this they then shrunk the ad to be that of a banner that ran across the top of the browsers. They found that an additional 17% of visitors stayed on the site but still no more downloaded the app. With this information they made the decision to scrap the interstitial ads altogether as they would rather retain a larger percent of their customers than get them to download the app.

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