Microsoft office 2010 training; does it make business sense?

Posted on April 15, 2014 at 2:54 pm

Many questions have been asked regarding the benefits of Microsoft office 2010 training. Presently, spreadsheets, documents and charts are a way of life in as far as presentations are concerned. To be to compete in the business world, you need to be familiar with the software. Moreover, they are of great help especially when it comes to keeping track of your finances at home. Without the training, it would be difficult to take full advantage of this innovative product.

Why take the training?
The Microsoft office 2010 training will see to it that you are equipped and ready for the product. It also makes you familiar any changes that may be associated with this software.

Notable changes in the product
The product features web based versions which were not there previously. This enables users to use the product online. The applications are referred to as Office Web Applications. They can be used through the various browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Its desktop version is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3. In addition, the product also comes with a 64 bit version.

Options for Training
There are a variety of options in as far as Microsoft office 2010 training is concerned. These include on-site training, online training and through the do-it-yourself videos. Whichever type you decide to go for will adequately prepare you to work with this product. Experts in the previous versions of the product can also learn a thing or two through the training.

Corporates are encouraged to make arrangements for their staff members to go through this kind of training. This will provide them with an edge, especially given the competitive nature of today’s business environment. Given the advances made in the technical world, this training makes business sense.

Volume Licensing and Software Assurance (SA)
Companies that have paid for the service above have their training covered. This is because Microsoft offers them an e-learning resource as a bonus. This means that the companies can train their staff members on the latest technologies from Microsoft at no extra cost. Companies that don’t have Volume licensing have to get training resources on their own.

This product features the “how to get started” function just like its predecessors. This covers the basics for beginners and offers users important tips. However, this may not be ideal for people using a Microsoft product for the first time. A novice may have a hard time understanding workings that the tutorial explores through.

Available resources for training
Businesses can opt for free guides in the form of e-books on Microsoft 2010. These electronic books study the upgrade paths and changes that this product presents. The downside of these books is that they may be fairly difficult to find. This may necessitate the services of experts in this field who know just where to find them. The support section of the Microsoft website also features some information on the product. Computer based Microsoft office 2010 training probably offers staff members with the easiest way to improve on their Microsoft skills.

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