Qualities of a good email signiture

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 11:44 am

What makes a good e-mail signature? Most important your signature should look appealing. Badly designed signatures can seem amateurish. It should also be useful; it should include important information such as what you do, your phone numbers and your e-mail. Another important factor in what makes a good e-mail signature is that your signature should be consistent; all the signatures in your company should be standadised and should not keep changing from time to time.
An e-mail signature may just seem like a few lines at the end of an email, but it accompanies every single email you send. When creating a signature you should make sure that, it contains the following. It should have a simple color palette; all its fonts and sizes should be consistent and because it will come after your email, the signature should be brief and straight to the point, containing only the important information. These are generally, what makes a good email signature and following them will ensure that you have that desirable signature at the end of all your emails.

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